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Communication is king

An all-IP conference system from Bosch’s Building Technologies division is helping the state-of-the-art Viettel Group headquarters in Hanoi to communicate efficiently.

An IP-based Dicentis conference system solution from Bosch is providing an optimal combination of superior sound quality, user-friendly operation, straightforward installation and elegant design at the new Hanoi, Vietnam headquarters of Viettel Group, the telecommunications company. In addition to being one of the top 30 most valuable telecommunications companies in the world, ranking first in Southeast Asia and ninth in Asia, Viettel also leads the list of the top 10 most valuable enterprises in Vietnam, according to Forbes.

Having successfully utilised Bosch conference systems in the past, Viettel looked to the brand to equip their state-of-the-art home base, which accommodates around 1000 people. In addition, members of Viettel’s board of directors were impressed with the Dicentis system while attending meetings at government venues, further refining the product selection process. As a result, Viettel chose AIC Trading JSC – a Bosch Certified Partner – to serve as the main contractor and installer for the project. All the headquarters’ larger meeting rooms are now equipped with Dicentis conference systems; the smaller meeting rooms and multi-purpose rooms are equipped with Dicentis Wireless conference systems.

Functional challenges
While architecturally impressive, the design of the new building posed a few challenges for meeting room functionality – including the feedback and echo that can be caused by glass walls. To address this, Bosch and AIC Trading recommended high-directive microphones with low noise and low susceptibility to interference. These ensure consistently crisp and clear sound quality, enhancing the meetings, training sessions and other internal discussion activities that regularly take place on-site.

Along with its excellent audio performance, Dicentis is easy to operate for delegates and can be managed centrally. The system’s sleek styling blends into the overall aesthetic of the building’s modern interior, elevating the look and feel of each meeting room.

In addition to its flexible, intuitive user interface and features for uncomplicated setup and control, the IP-based Dicentis solution was the perfect choice to meet Viettel’s more complex technical requirements. The system integrates seamlessly with other systems in the building, including cameras, video conferencing software and loudspeakers. In addition, data security is of top priority to Viettel Group’s board of directors, and Dicentis was able to meet this requirement.

The Dicentis system’s flexibility – in particular the quick setup/teardown time offered by Dicentis Wireless devices – has also added significant value during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen travel and health restrictions increase the need for people to attend meetings remotely via Skype, Teams, Zoom or similar platforms. The system easily interfaces with third-party applications such as these, ensuring participants can join discussions from home while on-site participants maintain safe distances from one another.

Future reliance
At Viettel and in similar government projects in Vietnam, Bosch demonstrates that its conference systems are future-proof, reliable and efficient, delivering sound and imaging quality to meet the most demanding international standards.

“Many partners of the Viettel Group have considered our conference rooms as a case study, and they would like to adopt the same systems design for their conference rooms,” comments Mr. Ha Quang Huy, Director of Viettel Asset Management Company. “Furthermore, the systems have a beautiful design which complements the Viettel Group HQ as a modern and aesthetic building.”

The Bosch division Building Technologies is a leading global supplier of security, safety, and communications products and systems. In selected countries Bosch offers solutions and services for building security, energy efficiency and building automation.