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WorxAudio line array for US church

The church’s congregation is spread across multiple locations – some people also participate via webcast – with Pastor Dr Tom Mullins frequently preaching from the main Palm Beach Gardens Campus.

The significant dimensions but low ceiling of the main sanctuary, and the presence of a large video screen posed challenges for project contractor Boone Audio and Video. These were answered by the specification of a WorxAudio Technologies TrueLine array system comprising 14 V8i-P self-powered installation line array elements and two V8DF-P powered downfill elements, coupled with two TL218SS subwoofers.

Hugh Sarvis, CEO/director of engineering at WorxAudio Technologies, told II: “For this particular installation, it was imperative that the sound system have long-throw capabilities so as to avoid the need for any type of delay system elsewhere in the house. Similarly, since music plays a vital role in the church’s worship services and they mix in stereo, broad horizontal dispersion was equally important in order to provide good stereo imaging. Further, the system was required to provide high gain before feedback so that when the pastor spoke using his lavaliere microphone, the system would exhibit a high level of speech intelligibility.”

The installation and acoustical treatment – also carried out by Boone Audio and Video – were undertaken in October.