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Voyage of Discovery: CobraNet’s new software tool

A software tool that runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems, CobraNet Discovery identifies and displays all CobraNet devices on a network, allowing for real-time monitoring and display of useful data to maintain the health and status of CobraNet devices.

CobraNet technology is a global standard for transporting uncompressed, high-definition audio through standard Ethernet networks. Built upon the effective use of standard Ethernet network infrastructure by CobraNet networks, the Discovery software operates from any authorised PC connected to a CobraNet network, eliminating the need to be physically located with the networked audio gear that can often be spread across rooms, buildings or miles, or in secured equipment spaces.

In addition, CobraNet Discovery allows for the easy monitoring and configuration of key CobraNet parameters on any manufacturer’s CobraNet-enabled product. These parameters control audio routing within the CobraNet network, including transport

latency, sample rates, sample size, channels per bundle and transmission modes, such as unicast, multi-unicast or multicast. CobraNet Discovery software even delivers a report of the audio configuration of all devices on the network, providing the installer with a means to document a properly configured network for compliance to specifications and for future reference.

“This is another demonstration of Cirrus Logic’s commitment to providing audio consultants, integrators, installers, IT administrators and OEMs with a robust set of tools and features to support rapid, predictable installation, commissioning and maintenance of digital audio networks,” says Steve Gray, CobraNet applications manager, Cirrus Logic.

“CobraNet Discovery software was created for the specific purpose of helping professionals view the configurations of CobraNet-enabled products in order to confirm proper configuration of gear, for troubleshooting, and to make any desired changes to the audio functionality. CobraNet Discovery software is applicable from small venues like churches and restaurants to very large installations like stadia and theme parks.”