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VLM LEDs utilised for concrete sculptures at summer art festival

The two objects – an obelisk (entitled ‘Lichtobjekt’) and a giant pair of pliers (‘Ein hei_es Eisen’) – are cast in concrete and have been equipped with acrylic glass tubes fitted with integrated LED diodes from VLM of Mettmann that are said to offer a spectacular play of colours.

“VLM provided me with tremendous support throughout this project, but the company would in any case have been my first choice as it offers such a wide range of LED-based luminaires,” observed Heinz FW Stahl.

Encouraged by the results, Stahl and Freiburg are now said to be considering further projects combining rudimentary materials with VLM LED technology.

“It’s unbelievable how much you can do with it,” concluded Stahl. “These 1-watt LEDs have a very narrow beam angle: six degrees exactly. This was very important as it made it possible for us to achieve a very homogenous dispersion of light throughout the tubes.”