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Victorie music club undergoes major upgrade

Podium Victorie, located in the Alkmaar region of the Netherlands, has been a well-known venue for many years hosting a wide range of classic and contemporary bands from all over the world.

Though very successful at its original location, Victorie recently moved, its operators opting for a relocation into the city of Alkmaar. With an upgrade in venue, owners of the club decided this was a logical opportunity to upgrade their entire sound system.

After reviewing numerous competitive demos, a Clair Brothers system demonstrated by The Audio Specialists, was chosen. The key in the new venue was to find the right balance to deliver a level of acoustic quality concertgoers and performers alike would appreciate as something truly special.

The main system install includes a Clair Brothers i212 line array supported with infill kiT series and in the smaller venue by several kiTCurve+ loudspeakers and subwoofers, along with 1AM and 1.5AM floor monitors.

“We managed to get so much more than the proposal stated,” explained Robin van Lingen, chief engineer at Podium Victorie. “We’re so proud of the result after installing Clair Brothers in our new venue. The acoustics are great, and the sound is surprisingly better than expected. What I mean by that is, other loudspeaker brands told us that our venue required a 15-inch line array, but Clair Brothers suggested a 12-inch line array. The surprising part is that the 12-inch line array from Clair Brothers fills our entire room with better sound that the 15-inch. And because the 12-inch is smaller, the sight lines are clearer than if we had gone with a different brand.”

To complete the install, The Audio Specialists selected Lake D Series amplifiers and a Lake LM44 for additional processing and Midas Pro X Series consoles for FOH and monitor positions. Technicians of Victorie reflect: “Ever since opening, we consistently receive compliments about the quality of the system from bands and fans alike. Our multiple engineers love to work with it, too. In retrospect, choosing Clair Brothers was the wisest decision we could’ve made. We’re so glad we did!”