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Under the stars – a Greek integrator finds its niche in space

Establishing a speciality never goes amiss in the professional install sector, wherever you happen to be based. Greek systems designer, supplier and installer Telmaco has an extremely diverse remit, with interests encompassing everything from broadcasting to professional lighting and traffic management. But it has definitely created something of a profile in fitting out cutting-edge planetaria over the last few years.

The first of these projects took place at the Thessaloniki Science Centre & Technology Museum, and required the company to design, supply and install three state-of-the-art AV systems. In the planetarium area, Telmaco installed a large tilted dome screen, a Barco BR 909 high-resolution projection system and a Linux-based real-time star simulator.

Elsewhere in the complex, Telmaco fitted the Large Format Theatre with a 21x16m screen and classical film projection equipment, and installed four Barco SIM 6 projectors and three six-seater pods with six DOF motion platforms into the 3D Stereo Virtual Reality Simulator Theatre.

Coming right up to date, Telmaco has recently worked on the planetarium at Athens multimedia centre Hellenic World. The project included installation of extensive sound and multilingual translation systems.

“The installation includes a highly sophisticated interaction system [involving] 132 attendant seats – each one with its own joystick, translation and information system – in a planetarium theatre with 3D projection. The idea is for visitors to interact with the system in real-time,” elaborates Telmaco’s Yiannis Nikolakopoulos, who stresses the desire of an increasing number of Greek clients for “cutting edge and innovative equipment”.


This case study is taken from David Davies’ regional focus on South-East Europe, which appears in the November issue of ‘Installation Europe’ magazine.