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UK Science Museum specifies Ampetronic

The induction loops were installed by Surrey-based Sysco and cover the main gallery, along with the Briefing Room and Show Space demonstration areas. All feature phased array loops, designed by Ampetronic and utilising two ILD300 loop amplifiers each in Launchpad and the Briefing Room, with two ILD1000Gs in the Show Space. Each features an SP5 Phase Shifter.

Feeds for the induction loops come from small PA systems in Show Space and the Briefing Room, where the commentators are equipped with microphones during the demonstrations. In the Launchpad gallery, the feeds come from the museum’s public address system.

Ampetronic managing director Julian Pieters told II: “We are very pleased that Sysco chose our equipment for such a high-profile installation. The Science Museum is one of Britain’s most well-known and best-loved museums, so it is important that the flagship Launchpad gallery provides access to all.

“Our loop systems will provide excellent sound reproduction to ensure hearing-impaired visitors can fully engage with the many exhibits and entertainments around the Launchpad. We design our equipment to perform with unsurpassed reliability, so we are confident that our induction loop systems will continue to benefit visitors for many years to come.”

“We’ve worked with Ampetronic a number of times and we’ve always been very happy with its system design and equipment design. The equipment is very installation-friendly and their designs always work well,” said Sysco’s Chris Mothersdale.

Other recent projects to have involved Sysco include the First Emperor (Terracotta Army) and Hadrian exhibitions at the British Museum, and the Eurostar departures terminal at St Pancras International railway station.