Tannoy enhances living on the ceiling

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The ICT driver offers vocal articulation and musical fidelity. The HF section is electro-magnetically (not electrically driven), so the tweeter cannot burn out.

Utilising a newly engineered, small but powerful 5in Dual Concentric, the HF section of the CMS 501DC driver is an extended bandwidth (54kHz) super-tweeter ensuring intelligibility and clarity for speech and music systems. Offering an enhanced bass dynamic and higher SPL, a larger, 6.5in Dual Concentric is used in the 601DC.

All models are available in a choice of either blind-mount (BM) or pre-install (PI). Ease of installation is facilitated by the self-aligning clamp mechanism and the supplied C-rings and tile bridge rails.

The range is designed to satisfy a demand for high quality and yet unobtrusive sound systems; commercial installations such as pubs, clubs, boardrooms, AV, leisure or retail stores and residential custom installations for multi room systems or home theatre.