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SymNet’s high-end hotel trilogy

Design and installation work at all three sites was carried out by Electronic Design Company (EDC). In each case, the systems provide background music in lobbies, common areas, restaurants and bars via a 70-volt network of ceiling loudspeakers and, where required, subwoofers. DMX Music sources feature heavily on a list of system inputs that also includes iPods, CD players and microphones.

Meanwhile, the need to service ballrooms and meeting rooms prompted EDC to include several SymNet BreakIn12 units to enable the system to handle the large number of microphone inputs. SymNet’s Automix Room Combiner DSP module was specified where multiple rooms could be combined or separated with air walls.

Other Symetrix SymNet equipment installed at one or more of the hotels includes the Express 8×8 Cobra DSP, and ARC-K1 and ARC-2 interface panels.

Paul Roberts, director of sales for Symetrix, told II: “SymNet is the ideal solution for these types of conversion or upgrade projects due to the built-in design capability and flexibility while delivering the highest level of sound quality and system performance. The best part of SymNet is that it can be implemented in hotels without budget-busting costs. The programming easily handles complicated functionality in a comprehensible and straightforward way.

“With SymNet, hotels can configure custom processing that does exactly what the customer requires and puts the entire processing behind a simple, intuitive user interface. Electronic Design Company has a long history of successful SymNet installations and we are delighted to partner with them to provide audio solutions their customers love.”