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Symetrix Jupiter DSP chosen for event hall at China’s Panjin Hospital

Panjin Hospital in Liaoning province, China has opted for a Symetrix Jupiter 8 DSP to handle audio processing and routing configuration in its multi-purpose hall.

Panjin Hospital is part of Shengjing Hospital, which is the largest healthcare institute in north east China treating approximately 1,800,000 outpatients and 68,000 inpatients each year.

EZPro subsidiary company Sanecore and system designer Kong Qingxiang specified and designed the solution in Panjin’s hall, which is used for conferences and academic exchange events.

“First of all, the Symetrix Jupiter hardware operates with software ‘apps’ inspired by contemporary smartphone technology,” explained Qingxiang. “This means that users are able to go online and select an app that fits the need of a particular sound processing scenario, download it to the Jupiter hardware, and then make minor tweaks via an intuitive interface in order to achieve the perfect sound.”

“One of the great strengths of the Jupiter DSP is that it really offers true ‘plug and play’ capability to installers,” added Qingxiang. “Rather than getting bogged down in settings and so forth, it allows them to focus on simply creating great sound in the venue for each and every event.”

The Symetrix DSP takes its place in a high-end specification that also includes a main PA system featuring Community ENT-212 and VERIS 212S loudspeakers, RunningMan HD1221 loudspeakers and an Allen & Heath GL Series audio mixer.

“The management of the hospital is very pleased with the sound and operation of their new technology. As they expected, this configuration provides reliable, excellent sound quality,” concluded Qingxiang.