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Sri Lankan luxury beach hotel elevates audio experience with Void Acoustics

Void Acoustics' Cyclone 8 outdoor speaker complemented by Indigo 6S loudspeakers, all powered by a Bias D1 energy-saving amplifier

Digital Ear, regional distributor for Void Acoustics, has installed a Void Acoustics audio system in the luxurious Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel, nestled on the south-west coast of Sri Lanka in the beautiful city of Galle. The team at Digital Ear were tasked with specifying and deploying an audio system which was both eye-catching yet unobtrusive; state-of-the-art whilst withstanding the demands of the outdoor salty environment. 

Void Acoustics’ Cyclone 8 outdoor speaker, with UV resilient cellulose finish and weather-protected IP-55 rating, was specified, complemented by Indigo 6S loudspeakers with custom colour finish, all powered by a Bias D1 energy-saving amplifier.

One of the highlights of the installation was the ability to colour-match the speakers with the hotel’s interior. “This enabled us to seamlessly blend the speakers into the décor of the hotel, something which provides a ‘wow’ factor for our client and their guests” explained Haren Perera, managing director of Digital Ear. “Moreover, the IP-55 rating of Void’s Cyclone fixtures ensures they are corrosion-proof and ideal for the open-air poolside area, where they were also installed in the Coat of Arms bar.

“A challenge we faced during the installation was to prevent sound leakage from the poolside area and pizza bar to the guest rooms overlooking the area. As such, we strategically placed the speakers to maintain a constant sound pressure level (SPL) across the venue, ensuring even distribution of sound. Having a good SPL level means the system is loud enough to be enjoyed by guests in the immediate vicinity, without causing a disturbance to the guest rooms nearby.” 

The successful deployment of the Void Acoustics system has enabled the hotel to expand its entertainment offerings, including pool parties and larger DJ sets, none of which had been possible before.

Dmitri Cooray, deputy managing director, Jetwing Hotels Ltd: “This marks the first time we have had a Void Acoustics system installed in one of our properties within the Jetwing Hotels Group and we really couldn’t be more delighted with the result. Void Acoustics ticks many of the boxes – colour customisation, sonic perfection and weather-proof capability. We will certainly be considering more Void Acoustics installations in some of our other Jetwing properties in the future.”