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Sportshopen turns to Turbosound loudspeakers for new retail complex

Swedish sporting goods chain Sportshopen selected a comprehensive Turbosound loudspeaker system for its new retail complex in Grebbestad with over 170 devices installed around the 14,000sqm space.

Swedish sporting goods chain Sportshopen has outfitted its new Grebbestad retail complex with a total of 176 Turbosound loudspeakers inside and outside the building. The install includes the Impact 55T and Impact 65T models in addition to TCS-61 two-way loudspeakers and TCS-C50T ceiling speakers.

Sportshopen demanded a big, high-quality sound with minimal aesthetic impact for the 14,000spm space and turned to Turbosound having selected the company for its other locations.

Electronic Equipmnet Stromstad speficied the project, with consultant Richard Meijer coordinating between Turbosound’s Swedish distributor Fitzpatrick and AV contractor Swedemount.

Due to the layout and dimensions of the main retail space a combination of wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted loudspeakers was chosen to cover the entire project which covers 38 zones, both indoor and outdoor.

Swedemount deployed 144 Turbosound passive 5in two-way Impact 55Ts with integral line transformer in most of the store, many of them wall-mounted in pairs on the supplied WB-5 adjustable wall brackets to pillars wherever available. In the corners, the IMP 65T with its two 5in low frequency drivers, two high frequency tweeters and integral line transformer add further coverage away from the centre of the main floor area.

Large distances between the pillars meant a wall-mounting solution could not be used throughout. The solution for this came through custom cluster brackets, which were constructed to provide a quadrant of 30º downward angles, with a centre hole for a threaded M12 pole to extend to the ceiling, to mount Impact 55T loudspeakers in parts of the store where pillars were not available.

Wherever ceiling heights are lower, the two-way décor-matched TCS-C50T ceiling loudspeakers with integrated line transformers provide a logical high quality solution.

A large quantity of Impact 55Ts are mounted in the picking, packing, and warehouse areas of the store to ensure that Sportshopen’s staff can enjoy the same audio quality as its customers. Additionally 12 TCS-61 passive 6in two-ways, the smallest of Turbosound’s Contracting series, are ceiling-mounted for extra reinforcement.

Flush-mounted Impact 55Ts provide coverage of the conference rooms as well as the Kid’s Cinema Room.

Meijer finished: “We don’t think there is any other brand that would make my customer so happy.”

The next Turbosound Impact installation is scheduled to take place at Sportshopen’s new Tocksfors location.