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Sennheiser providing audio assistance at The O2

Sennheiser equipment supplied to The O2 included 200 customised EK 1038 body pack receivers (pictured), 200 EZT 1011 neck induction loops, 50 GP 03 earphones, 100 L 2015 chargers with one SR 300 IEM G2 rack-mountable transmitter, one A 5000CP antenna and one custom-built linear UHF amplifier, built by Sennheiser’s chief engineer, Andy Lillywhite, to increase the power of the transmitter to cover the whole arena.

The equipment was selected by Vivid Acoustics following extensive discussions with Lillywhite and Sennheiser colleague Ken Morrison. “We specified exactly what was needed,” said Vivid Acoustics’ John Jessop, alluding to the Disability Discrimination Act regulations. “It was a non-standard frequency so we had to get non-standard receivers. Sennheiser modified their existing receivers to give us the coverage we needed. Also, I think there were no standard frequencies available in the London area.”

Jessop added: “The people at The O2 arena have been very pleased with the kit and installation. They’ve been happy with everything.”

Opened on 24 June 2007 in the premises previously occupied by the Millennium Dome, The O2 incorporates an arena, music club, cinema, exhibition spaces, restaurants, bars and more. Artists to have played the venue during the first year of its new incarnation include Roger Waters, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Diamond and The Eagles.