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Roland monitors christened by Kent church

MIDAS ProSound provided the Life Church ministry with M-48 personal monitor mixers from RSS which, together with the M-400 V-Mixer, S-1608 Digital Snakes and POWERV active loudspeakers from Tannoy, form the core of its new sound reinforcement system.

Cat5e cable was installed from the M-400 at FOH to the stage, linking a pair of S-1608 stage boxes and the M-48 control hub; this was enhanced by redundancy lines and Sonar splits to allow recording and broadcast.

“It was a fairly straightforward distribution system, aside from the challenge of having to drill holes in the roof beams to suspend the speakers, but the combination of Tannoy and Roland is, for us, a blueprint for church installations,” Paul Nicholson of MIDAS ProSound told II. “For me the exciting thing was working with the new monitor system which came straight from Japan via Heathrow and worked straight out of the box. The M-48 was a revelation for the band. They have everything in pristine stereo – exactly what they wanted.”

According to Life Church sound engineer Wayne Wolstenholme: “The RSS M-400 and M-48 have provided us with an almost silent stage (apart from drums) and also relieved me from the pressure of having to mix the monitors. I can now do what a FOH engineer should be doing.”

A distributed Tannoy system, consisting of two rows of 4 x POWERV12 loudspeakers mounted at ceiling height across the front half of the worship space, provides full-range coverage for the congregation. A single ceiling-mounted POWERV12 over the FOH mix position (outside the main PA coverage) provides monitoring, enabling the engineer to listen to the FOH mix, aux sends, M-48 mixes, and channel solo. In addition, a pair of POWERV8s were installed as flown stage monitors.

“We’re going to be doing lighting and video for the church – it’s an ongoing relationship,” Nicholson adds. “We’re already talking about putting in additional speakers.”