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Robe helps pay tribute to Italian singing legend

Domenico Modugno, one of Italy's best known actors and singer/songwriters from the 1950s, died in 1994. Robe helped his memory linger on at a tribute show.

Robe ROBIN MMX Spots, LEDWash 300s and ColorWash 575 AT Zooms were the core lighting elements for the recent “Meraviglioso Modugno”, a tribute show to Domenico Modugno, one of Italy’s best known actors and singer/songwriters from the 1950s.

The show was staged in the state-of-the-art new Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari, the largest theatre in the city and the fourth largest in Italy. It starred 13 different contemporary artists all of whom performed one of Modugno’s most popular songs.

The main lighting challenge was to give each one of them a totally unique look and feel for their performance.

There were 20 each of Robe’s new MMX Spots and LEDWash 300s, plus 20 ColorWash 575 AT Zooms, all supplied by rental company International Sound. International Sound has been using Robe products for the last five years – for both theatrical productions and live shows and concerts. They were among the first rental companies in the country to take delivery of the MMX.

The fixtures were positioned on three over stage trusses, together with some conventionals. The LEDWashes were used to illuminate an upstage backdrop, and the MMXs and ColorWash Zooms did all the main beam-work and fabulous effects.

The show was programmed and run using a Jands Vista T4 console.