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Riedel readies massive temporary intercom system for unspecified opening and closing ceremonies

The specification also includes 80 intercom control panels, 24 system interfaces for the integration of digital partylines, 210 digital partyline beltpacks, 44 RiFace radio repeaters/interfaces, 650 Motorola radios, six FM transmitters and a remarkable 12,000 radio receivers.

Riedel Communications’ director marketing and communications, Andreas Hilmer, told II: “We created a fully integrated intercom solution which combines both wired and wireless components to form a seamlessly working system. Since the Artist system allows us to build a distributed matrix consisting of several mainframes connected via fibre, the cabling effort is significantly reduced. As a result, this system offers maximum flexibility and is ready for last-minute changes, which are so common with live event performances such as the upcoming big opening and closing ceremony this installation is going to.”