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projectiondesign supplies 21 DLP projectors to Netherlands teaching hospital

Specifically, twin projectors are being used in two rooms at the Leyenburg, and one room each at the Juliana and Red Cross hospitals. Single projectors have been installed at 12 further review rooms for use by students across the three facilities.

The journey to the specification of these systems began with Haga’s management commissioning Philips Medical to provide a range of specialist equipment, including scanners, x-ray and PACS technology. In turn, Philips utilised the services of Mansveld Expo Techniek, a Dutch-based systems integrator, to install the video projectors, screens and control systems for the hospital’s new review rooms. Representing a fundamental shift towards a digitised workflow, the new equipment brings a number of benefits for hospital staff, particularly in the rooms where twin projectors have been installed.

Rob van der Lans, technical and commercial consultant at Mansveld, commented: “The F20 sx+ medical can display images that are similar to those of DICOM [Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine] displays, which means it has pre-set calibrations tailored to specific medical applications. We can easily calibrate colours and greyscales, and the resolution of the projectors is excellent. We also like the fact that projectiondesign gives us flexibility, with the option of incorporating different colour wheels for each projector. This means we can tailor each unit to a specific medical usage.”

Haga’s doctors are said to be delighted with the new systems. “Being able to see ‘before and after’ images side by side means they get a clear and instant indication of whether a procedure went according to plan, while the single-projection review rooms have already been extensively used for training,” noted van der Lans. “The investment Haga has made has significantly reduced paperwork, and the system has saved not just time but also a lot of space.”

Considering the medical imaging sector as a whole, projectiondesign’s marketing and communications manager, Anders L_kke, told II: “The medical imaging market is really important for projectiondesign and is one area which we’ve identified for a huge amount of potential business growth. It also fits in perfectly with the projectiondesign vision of providing equipment to an application requiring high-performance electronics, outstanding brightness, accurate image quality and precision. What’s even more exciting is that alongside the new projector announced in November 2007, we’ve also got some really good and high-profile installations, such as the Haga Teaching Hospital who are already using our F20 sx+ medical projector to its full capability.”