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projectiondesign equipment specified at new BMW ‘brand experience’ centre

The projectiondesign F20 sx+ units are integrated into the room’s suspended ceiling with custom-made mounts designed by ART+COM, and using a surface mirror to redirect the projection to the table surface. The 3mm rigid front-projection screens from Screen-Tech have been given a ‘Sensitive Skin’ surface, again developed by ART+COM. Content is served from a remote computer room, located 100m away, using a Gefen DVI-1000 HD fibre extender.

All of the projectors are networked and can be switched on and off remotely. It is also possible to obtain diagnostic information, including remaining lamp life.

Pavel Mayer, managing director of ART+COM Technologies, commented: “We chose projectiondesign for two main reasons: small form factor and robustness. Few projectors of this kind offer 24/7 operation. Factors such as the 1:1 optics, brightness, resolution and picture quality had to meet end-user expectations and our own high standards. We put a lot of work into the graphic design and high-end visual simulation, and would not accept any compromise at the projection end of the system.”