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Powerdrive supplies new girder brackets to celebrated UK music venue

The venue’s low ceiling necessitated a skilful selection and integration of lighting and sound within the building framework, prompting the specification of the new GDR-001/200 girder brackets to run a 2in aluminium barrel framework beneath the girder frame. Powerdrive also provided aluminium barrel, joiners and end fittings – all delivered to the venue within a few days of the order being placed.

“Powerdrive has provided us with an elegant solution to a difficult problem,” said Stage2’s technical manager, Mark Pittam. “Their fast response to our initial request meant that the system was conceived, produced and delivered within one week.”

“The new brackets are suitable for girders as they literally take seconds to put on,” Powerdrive’s MD, Nigel Clark, told II. “You slot them round, add a couple of nuts and bolts, and Bob’s your uncle! I think the speed of the way these brackets work is a real bonus for installers, because obviously installers’ time is money.”

The new brackets – which can also be used in the vertical plane – are now making their way to a wider market, with several equestrian centres also having taken delivery over the last few months.

Meanwhile, looking back on the year to date, Clark observed that Powerdrive has had “a very good year_ overall figures are, I reckon, up about 15% on last year, which is excellent for us.”

Opened to the public in September with an event featuring performances from the likes of David Knopfler, Stage2 is scheduled to host sets from – among others – fast-rising folk singer/songwriter Kris Drever and propulsive jazz quartet The Blessing during the near-future.