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Polish memorial venue fitted out with Community

Wroclaw's Centennial Hall stands as a commemoration to the defeat of Napoleon in the 1813 Battle of Leipzig. The facility required a loudspeaker upgrade to meet fire regulations for voice evacuation and to entertain a crowd which has the potential to reach 10,000.

A dual-purpose Community sound system has been installed as part of a state-of-the-art renovation at the Hala Stulecia (Centennial Hall), an historical multipurpose venue located in Wroclaw, Poland. Constructed in 1913 to commemorate the Battle of Leipzig, fought exactly a century earlier, the architecturally extravagant venue – which features a dome once revered as the biggest construction of its type since Pantheon in Rome eighteen centuries earlier – was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006. It now plays host to a variety of performances and events – from trade fairs and political meetings to theatrical performances and spiritual events. Polish firm Tommex Zebrowscy SP was tasked with designing a system that provided clarity for voice evacuations, but also served to deliver pro audio to an audience of up to 10,000-strong. The finalised system incorporated a Community setup that could meet the complex demands of the space which, due to UNESCO accreditation, restricted the placement of a central cluster under the main dome. Integrators Asseco installed a total of 52 high-output, dual 12in Community R-Series loudspeakers and 8in Community WET W2-2W8 loudspeakers. To overcome the heritage limitations, loudspeakers were positioned around the lowest ring of the dome – which is why the Community speakers were chosen, as the devices are said to have precise coverage patterns, excellent voice reproduction and very high SPL. A combination of 50 x 20, 70 x 70 and 90 x 40º devices are claimed to deliver consistent coverage, while the features of the loudspeakers enable them to meet the intelligibility and SPL requirements. Allowing them to pass the Polish Fire Department tests, which included it meeting 250º for half an hour. Tommex chose Switzerland’s g+m elektronik to provide the voice evacuation and amplification systems and a Dynacord P64 system for the digital audio matrix. With a digital console, transport of the audio is via fibre optic cable from FOH to the amp room.

This isn’t the first fitout for Community in Poland. Last year, the company supplied a range of kit for Gliwici Klub Spotyowy Piast Gliwice’s new stadioum.