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PLASA 2012: Robe celebrates with seven new LED luminaires

Additions to the DL Range, the ROBIN MMX WashBeam and 800 LEDWash just some of the highlights on the Czech manufacturer's stand, which is also home to a Olympic Torch ahead of a charity auction this evening.

Robe is launching seven new products at this year’s PLASA Show. All are based on the ‘smaller, brighter, lighter’ and more environmentally sustainable design concept at the core of the company’s product development strategy.
Robin DLS Profile – the latest DL range product from Robe – uses the high-power RGBW LED module and adds a smooth, fast framing shutter system in the optical path of the already proven DLX Spot format.

Each of the four shutter blades can be individually controlled, positioned and angled and the whole module can be rotated. As with all Robe LED luminaires, the light engine is optimised and completely homogenised, producing no shadows. The high-power RGBW LED module produces a dynamic colour range, reaching from rich saturates to the most subtle pastels, plus pure whites at pre-selected 2700, 3200, 4200, 5600 and 8000 Kelvin colour temperatures.

Utilising technologies developed for the ROBIN MMX Spot, the MMX WashBeam offers multiple features in one fixture.The Philips Platinum 35 lightsource combined with the MMX optical system provides an output exceeding most traditional 1200W products.

The internal automated ‘Barn Door’ assembly offers individual control of each ‘door’ to control the light edge, and the complete assembly rotates through 180 degrees. Using a different lens, the WashBeam can be switched from a soft edged wash light – extendable out to 60 degrees – to a collimated 2.5 degree beam effect machine. A rotating gobo wheel with six rotating gobos is specifically designed for creating powerful mid-air effects.Both options retain the key performance features of the MMX family – full CMY colour mixing, saturated colour wheel, variable CTO and hot spot control, motorised zoom & focus.
 Also new is the ROBIN 800 LEDWash – the world’s first LED wash light with beam shaping and a truly multi-purpose luminaire designed for all professional applications, including concert touring, rental and staging, theatre, TV studios and productions, conferences, presentations plus live events and installations.

The beam shaping module creates an oval shaped beam which is needed for TV and theatrical stages. The module is both rotatable and indexable to 360 degrees and has continuous rotation. There are three-zones of individual LED ring control and the colour range – including all the high-quality ‘real’ whites – are the same as those in the hugely successful ROBIN 600 LEDWash. Robe’s Actor range of wash luminaires is also on show, bringing the flexibility of the award-winning LEDWash series to fixed position applications. The 300, 600 and 1200 models deliver a small, easy-to-control static head that can be manually locked into position.

High-power 15W RGBW LEDs combined with Robe’s patented motorised zoom optical system result in a smooth, flat beam, ranging from 8 to 63 degrees. There is full DMX control over the zoom angle and colour mixing, including 237 preset colours, selectable whites, variable CTO and concentric ring-effect macros and full tungsten emulation.

Following the massive success of the ROBIN 100 LEDBeam, new Daylight and Smart White versions add more dynamics to the LEDBeam range. The LEDBeam 100 utilises 12 15W LEDs to provide an extra punchy 7 degree beam – or with the addition of a clip-on 25 or 40 degree frost filter – a smooth wash.

Its tiny dimensions are ideal for ensconcing into sets and all types of other small places and spaces. The DL model is fixed at 6500K, and the SM is adjustable at between 2800 and 6300K.

Architectural LED specialist and sister company Anolis will feature on a separate part of the booth, showing all the latest products in its ArcSource and ArcLine ranges – both indoor and outdoor versions. 

Another highlight will be the presence of an Olympic Torch on the Robe stand throughout Monday. The torch, which was used on one of the relay legs for the London Games will be auctioned off at the PLASA Innovation Awards in aid of industry charity Light Relief.