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Philips Museum illuminated with Philips Selecon and Showline

A selection of Philips Selecon and Showline LED lighting has gone into the recently-opened Philips Museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, helping to portray a story of innovation and ambitious enterprise.

A selection of Philips Selecon and Philips Showline luminaires are lighting the new Philips Museum in Eindhoven – on the historic site where Philips produced the first incandescent lamp in 1891.

The exhibition, which was opened to the public by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, charts Philips’ evolution of Philips from a small incandescent lamp manufacturer into a large and prestigious international group of companies. Since opening in April the museum has welcomed more than 10,000 visitors.

The Philips Museum tells a story of innovation and ambitious enterprise with a focus on improving people’s lives. It is said to take pride in the company’s history and enables Philips to exhibit the origins and evolution of the global company with a view to the future.

Lighting designer George Ashley-Cound of Light Fantastic specified Philips Selecon PLfresnel1, PLprofile1, PLprofile4, Accent beamshapers, Showline SL BAND 300, Showline SL STRIP 400, and Showline SL BAR 520 luminaires for the Philips Museum project.

“The PLfresnel1, PLprofile1, and PLprofile4 luminaires use the same proven LED engine as the Philips Selecon PL3, PLcyc1, PLcyc2, and the Philips Vari-Lite VLX wash luminaire ranges,” commented Grant Bales Smith, Philips Entertainment’s senior sales manager for EMEA. “This has ensured that colour matching is simplified across all luminaires lighting the stage. A key benefit of using these models together is that it’s no longer necessary to change lamps or colour filter. In fact the Selecon fixtures offer superior control and light quality and enable seamless fading between colours allowing designers a new level of creativity.”

Ashley-Cloud commented: “From the bronze sculpture of the lamp girl making the classic GLS lamp at the entrance, along the time-line of history to the rainbow of LEDs lighting the way to the use of light to create healthier futures, it’s clear that light has played a central role in the Philips story and is a strong and vibrant part of the future.”

Bob Roos, key account manager for Philips Entertainment in Scandinavia, Benelux, France, Spain and Portugal concludes: “It seems only natural that entertainment lighting equipment, designed and manufactured by Philips Entertainment brands Selecon and Showline, should illuminate this fascinating museum. With over 170 years of combined experience between the Philips Entertainment brands Strand Lighting, Selecon, Showline, and Vari-lite, we now offer the broadest range of lighting and control solutions for the concert, touring, theatre, TV, film and architectural environments.”