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Panasonic launches new displays series

The 30 series is a range of 3D-capable plasma displays for presentation, digital signage and home cinema applications.

Designed to replacing the 20 series, the new range is available in two versions. The PF30 models are 3D-ready with dual HD-SDI and Dual DVI-D boards to enable simultaneous 3D input. It includes 42in, 50in, 60in and 65in models, all of which have a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio, high luminous efficiency for crisp, high-contrast images and a wide viewing angle. Each display is equipped with ‘Slot 2.0’ function slots to support various digital interfaces. 

Offering a similar size range, PH30 models have been designed to significantly reduce power consumption by comparison with previous models. For example, the 42in display consumes 35% less energy than its 20 series predecessor (from 275W down to 175W) while the 50in model consumes 30% less.

Panasonic’s professional display products are now a part of the Offset for Life initiative, allowing customers to offset the carbon emitted through the use of their displays.