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Oslo opera house opts for Clear-Com system

Following completion of the opera house this month, the Eclipse Omega and FreeSpeak50 digital wireless beltpacks will provide the communication backbone for the 38,500sq m facility and its large production and sound crew. The Opera House will employ more than 600 people, including production and sound crew.

The Clear-Com system chosen by the Nytt Operahus includes a 64-port Eclipse Omega digital matrix controlling a FreeSpeak50 digital wireless intercom system using two E-Que cards, 40 FreeSpeak belt packs, 20 antennas and more than 30 4000 Series panels.

The Omega digital matrix intercom platform is the most powerful unit in the Clear-Com Eclipse range. It offers the highest port density of any available system, so would be the natural choice from Clean-Com’s range for a large multiple auditorium venue like the Nytt Operahus.

FreeSpeak is said to be the world’s first digital wireless system integrated with a digital intercom matrix and is able to serve very large systems through a cellular network of active antennae. Flexible and scalable, it can work in complex locations, where line-of-sight communications are not practical.

The FreeSpeak beltpack is intelligent and programmable with a high level of functionality. However, it is lightweight and benefits from a 12-hour battery life.