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OPTI launches LED-based gobo

OPTI Kinetics has made its first foray into LED-based illumination with the launch of the OPTI Solar.

OPTI Kinetics has launched its first LED-based device.

With light output of over 650 lumens from a 40W LED module, along with a high colour temperature for truer colour projection and image clarity, the OPTI Solar LED is said to be ideal for all gobo and effect projection applications.

According to the company, LED technology offers the operator many benefits, including cool running, virtually silent operation and a 100,000-hour effective life of the LED module — over 300 times that of an M33 lamp. LED technology also provides low maintenance and significant energy savings (for example, power consumption is around 18% of the draw required by a traditional OPTI Solar 250).

Other benefits are said to include its high colour temperature of 4000°K, producing a whiter light than comparable tungsten halogen projectors.

The new projector is compatible with all OPTI Solar range effects and accessories and carries a three-year warranty.

“The Solar projector has been on a long and mesmerising journey since carrying out its first liquid light shows back in 1973,” said OPTI sales director, Neil Rice. “After being adopted by mobile DJs and discotheque installers around the globe, the corporate and advertising world turned to the gobo projections as a dynamic form of brand enhancement.”

“The Solar 250 has since migrated into the educational world, as a valuable stimulus for children with special needs, and into the medical sector for the physically and mentally handicapped,” he continued. “All the while, it has continued to be regarded as an essential effect by rave and dance promoters, and at retro concerts looking to recapture the zeitgeist of the early liquid lightshows.”