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Team SoftEx presents new products for the education market

Team SoftEx used last week’s ISE show to present three products for the education market.

The EVO Pure DVI Teaching Broadcast System is a hardware solution for education, which is suitable for computer lab or language lab use. With 2560 x 1080 of HD digital transmission, it aims to eliminate the issues of traditional analogue or VGA transmission.

A hardware structure includes central control unit, repeater, master unit and student unit. Input sources into the master unit include PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and other handhelds.

The EVO Cloud Management System is a software system based on a client-server structure for the educational and enterprise market. It offers offline restore, local cache, multi-node management, desktop roaming, remote maintenance, data sharing as well as a set-up schedule system and information security control and management. It is equipped with hard disk caching technology, which reduces dependency of sourcing from the network.

Finally, the EVO Class Multimedia Management System is a software system for educational use, that enables remote monitoring, multimedia broadcasting, interactive learning, remote control, file sending, online exam facilitation and learning management.

The company is currently looking for international partners and for collaboration with distributors and system integrators worldwide.