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MultiTouch at heart of world’s largest interactive wall

With 24 55" displays stacked to create a multitouch wall 9.9 metres long by 2.1 metres high, the installation was undertaken by UK integrator Engage Production.

MultiTouch has announced that its MultiTaction Cell displays have been used in the construction of what the company says is the world’s largest multi-touch interactive wall. The wall, which comprises 24 55” MultiTaction Cells and which measures 9.9 metres x 2.1 metres, was built by UK-based Engage Production for a well-known global company providing advice on business advancement.

The City of London-based client commissioned an ‘Executive Brand Suite’ that would enable communications through an array of state-of-the-art equipment, and showcase the rapid speed at which the consumer is changing as a result of the rate of technological development.

According to Multitouch, MultiTaction technology is the only multitouch product available that satisfied the requirements of the client: Engage looked at six competing technologies, but only MultiTaction was suitable, satisfying requirements of space, budget and delivery. As well as the ‘stackability’ required for such a large installation, the client demanded fast response times (MultiTaction tracks at 200 frames per second), multiple – unlimited – users and appropriate tracking features.

In addition, the wall needed to run smoothly with the bespoke applications that were written for it. MultiTouch says that its Cornerstone SDK allows for ultra-smooth, high-resolution rendering with a native panel resolution of approximately 50 megapixels.

“At MultiTouch, we constantly endeavour to make our devices the best they can possibly be,” said Petri Martikainen, CEO of MultiTouch. “I firmly believe that MultiTaction offers the ultimate in multi-touch technology and it is a privilege to see our products used on such a huge scale in what must be not only the world’s biggest but also the world’s most technologically advanced multi-touch wall.”

“We know the importance our client places on delivering crucial and relevant presentations in an entertaining and engaging way,” said Steve Blyth, director of Engage Production. “The installation of such a huge videowall as a central feature not only reflects that ethos but also creates an unforgettable visual impact.”

Though comprising 24 55” displays, the wall functions as one unit whilst interacting with external tablet devices. It plays a central role in the delivery of the client’s services, delivering high quality interactive presentations. The wall features an ultra-fast gesture tracking rate of 200 frames per second, high brightness and can operate in variable lighting conditions. Unlike similar devices, MultiTouch says that MultiTaction Cells can track multiple concurrent interaction methods including hands, optical markers and real life objects. The recent addition of MultiTaction IR pen software allows common infrared pens to be used as an additional input method.

To view a video of the wall in action, click here.