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MIPRO wireless microphones specified for US working farm project

MIPRO equipment specified by IMI’s Peter Spollett included the ACT-707D Dual Channel Receiver, the ACT-707HE PLL synthesized handheld microphone, and the ACT-707TE PLL synthesized body-pack transmitter.

“The instructors and therapists require considerable freedom of movement while working with the [visitors] and the horses, and the MIPRO wireless system was the perfect choice for this environment,” said Spollett. “It’s easy to use and delivers crystal-clear audio performance. The MIPRO system’s ACT function makes it a snap to locate an open radio frequency and it delivers high gain before feedback, enabling the system to provide strong audio levels among all the loudspeakers throughout the space.”

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the new system,” added Deedee O’Brien, executive director of Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm. “Clear communication and mobility are critical to the type of work we perform here, and the new MIPRO wireless system that Avlex Corporation was kind enough to donate has made a tremendous difference for us. We are extremely appreciative of their generosity.”