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Madison Square Garden arena opts for Daktronics LED displays

The new, state-of-the-art, centre-hung GardenVision multi-media Daktronics LED display at Madison Square Garden areas is one of only two structures in sports to offer LED displays on the inside-bottom.

Madison Square Garden – New York’s iconic indoor arena – has unveiled its new state-of-the-art centre-hung multi-media display, which is made up of over 20 Daktronics LED video displays.

The GardenVision, as it is known, was installed as part of the third and final phase of a £726 million (€855 million) three-year transformation project at the venue.

The scoreboard is one of only two structures – in all of sports – with LED displays on the inside-bottom, for those seated in the lower sections. The whole display consists of 24 individual HD LED displays, which are curved to mirror the circular design of the Garden. The four main video displays measure 4.8m tall by 8.5m wide. These are capable of showing one large image all the way around the board to highlight live video and instant replays, and can be divided into separate screens, to show a variety content including of vivid graphics, scoring information and promotional videos. Directly above those displays are four auxiliary video displays measuring 2m by 8.8m wide, which have a unique all-black LED package, providing maximum image clarity and contrast.

The corners of GardenVision contain four curved displays matching the height of the main video displays and four more curved displays matching the height of the auxiliary displays to create a full circular video board, while the inside-bottom screens will provide up-to-the-minute statistics, game information, as well as replays.
The top of GardenVision contains an ID ring consisting of a backlit LED panel that is more than half a metre tall and circles the entire top of the structure.

“The flexibility and content options present endless possibilities for this versatile set up. This project has been a great undertaking and it was a joy to work with such great people at Madison Square Garden, we are excited to see everything fired up and running for their first event,” commented Jay Parker, vice president, Daktronics Live Events.

In addition, internal structural accommodations in GardenVision for Wi-Fi, IT and broadcast equipment, according to the company, will improve Wi-Fi coverage throughout the Arena, provide new and compelling camera angles for MSG Network and is set up for future technological advances. The board can be lowered and expanded for different events.