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Limited space: registration for Super Op! still open

With the event scheduled to begin on 23 April 2007, it is important for companies to register to attend the event, as space is available on a limited basis. SuperOp! is described as an essential event for all companies and organisations delivering multimedia telecommunications products and services today, and provides unprecedented opportunities to interact and test new or next generation products and services.

The main objective of this IMTC event is to provide real life environments for interoperability testing of open-standards based video delivery and video communications technologies in order to increase the quality of products as they are commercially released to the market.

IMTC and Aethra will be host to engineers from across the globe at the Federico II Hotel in Jesi, Italy from April 23-27, 2007.

“We are honoured that in 2007 we are once again an integral part of SuperOp!, by providing our organisational support and the experience we have gained in 35 years in the telecommunications sector,” states Corrado Mazzocato, director of operative marketing at Aethra. “SuperOp! is an extremely important event for the international telecommunications industry, as it brings together specialists from all over the world with the aim of achieving interoperable communications on a global scale. With the arrival of High Definition and Telepresence in the market place, this year we expect to see some significant interoperability testing using HD systems and core call control communication standards in these tests”.