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Liberty University deploys Riedel’s Artist ecosystem on campus

Liberty University, home to over 135,000 students, has installed Riedel's solutions across its 7,000-plus acre campus, in Lynchburg, Virginia

Riedel Communications has announced that Liberty University, home to over 135,000 students, has deployed Riedel’s Artist ecosystem — including Artist digital intercom matrix, Bolero wireless intercom, and SmartPanels with multiple applications, such as the Audio Monitoring App (AMA) — to communications for events ranging from sports, to entertainment and convocations.

In collaboration with systems integrator Digital Video Group (DVG), the university has installed Riedel’s solutions across its expansive 7,000-plus acre campus with over 7.5 million square feet of building space in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The installation encompasses the Artist-1024 decentralised, scalable digital intercom network and a substantial number of 1200 Series SmartPanels (including 71 RSP-1232HL panels and nine RSP-1216HL panels). Additional components, such as the Audio Monitoring App (AMA), 90 Bolero beltpacks, 20 charger bays, and 30 Bolero antennas have contributed to the communication network.

The use of IP transport enables the team to plug and play beltpacks and SmartPanels, which can feature multiple applications, anywhere on the campus network. In addition, the SmartPanel Intercom App, Riedel’s Audio Monitoring App (AMA) enables operators to listen to multiple audio feeds simultaneously on the panel to quickly identify any issues.

“Riedel has made intercom exciting. In the past, intercom was merely a functional necessity in our industry; however, Riedel has managed to make intercom an exciting, innovative, and essential component of Liberty University’s workflow,” said Alex Martin, CEO, Digital Video Group (DVG). “We are genuinely impressed by the company’s commitment to consistent technology research, design innovation, responsiveness, and collaboration.”

All venue communications depend on Bolero beltpacks, which DVG says has enhanced the clarity of communications among sports and events staff, including timeout coordinators, A2, tech managers, stage managers, wireless camera operators, and engineers.

“The audio quality is definitely crystal clear like you’re standing next to somebody,” commented Louis James, senior remote support engineer, Liberty University. “This robust system supports a diverse range of productions at Liberty University, totalling around 180 sports broadcasts, 180 entertainment broadcasts, and approximately 1,700 campus events.

“My favourite thing about the AMA function is the ability to dim or duck channels in either direction, making audio monitoring more flexible and dynamic, and contributing to a more sophisticated and efficient workflow,” said Mike Gerringer, chief technologist, Liberty University. “Riedel’s integration of this function is elegant and impressive.”