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Latest attraction in the Aegean: Greek nightclub installs Dynacord

The club’s manager, Tsatsalis Leonidas explains: “While in terms of location and ambience, the Palazzo can easily hold its own with the best in Greece, it’s our sound system that really sets us apart. There we really are setting new standards, as we’ve been told now, repeatedly, by visiting DJs.”

In use now in many of the world’s top discotheques (including the Pacha in New York), the alpha emerged as the clear leader from tests conducted by the Palazzo team, and a trip to the company headquarters in Straubing convinced the Greek specialists in club management that the Dynacord support team could be relied upon to the perform to the same level as the alpha system itself.

At the conclusion of the planning phase, six tops and six subs were installed in the main area of the Palazzo. Two additional MX 12 boxes in the upper gallery ensure that the sound pressure level there is also ideal at all times. The overall planning and implementation of the installation was entrusted to Dynacord’s Greek distribution partner, Nedis SA, and the service provider Focus Studio, whilst a team of Dynacord technicians flew in to apply the finishing touches.

The result is all the owners could have wished for: “We are more than satisfied with the sound in every last corner of the Palazzo,” says Leonidas. “And so are our guests and the DJs. The alpha was absolutely the right choice.”