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Korean high school equipped with QSC line array

The compact footprint and appealing external design of the ILA units were among the reasons that prompted their selection by Sama ProSound Co, which is QSC’s Korean distributor.

The system features two arrays of three WL2082-I enclosures per side, augmented by a WL115-sw subwoofer in each case. Also from QSC, AcousticDesign AD-S82s were mounted high on the upper and left right sides for use as dedicated monitors, while ISA series amplifiers – specifically three ISA750s, one ISA150 and a single ISA280 – provide power.

The entire signal chain is controlled through QSC’s DSP 322ua digital network device, operating over Ethernet under the company’s platform.

“By installing QSC’s premium products, such as amplifiers, speakers and a network audio system, in the Daesung High School Main Hall, we were able to optimise the sound and guarantee both compatibility and stability,” commented Sama ProSound engineering manager Carl Park.