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KNEKTD opts for Crestron at new Core Collective gym

A new high-end fitness centre in west London uses technology to provide a personalised and integrated exercise experience. Jo Ruddock finds out more.

Core Collective is a one-stop shop for all things fitness, offering everything from a wide selection of classes to nutritious food and high-end changing facilities. Its new location in Knightsbridge is no exception and the focus here continues to be on quality.

Building on the huge success of the original South Kensington fitness centre, Core Collective joined forces again with London-based automation specialist KNEKTD and the exclusive sales agent for Crestron in EMEA, Technological Innovations Group (TIG), to specify and install a comprehensive Crestron control system in its Kensington location. With a focus on providing high-quality fitness classes alongside integrated technology – the reception area, changing facilities and both workout zones benefit from leading technology.

Like its South Kensington counterpart, the Knightsbridge facility features premium Crestron technology to improve the workout experience.

Jason de Savery, founder of Core Collective, comments: “Having done a great job on our first gym in Kensington, it only made sense for us to bring the KNEKTD team in again. They’ve once again provided an outstanding service and a quality installation, we look forward to working with them again on our next gym in St Johns Wood.”

All of the building control and AV throughout the gym is based on Crestron technology, including in wall touchscreens, Crestron Mac-based apps, Saros and Vector speakers and audio amplification via Avia DSPs and amplifiers. The lighting is all powered by Crestron mains, switched, DMX & DALI DIN lighting modules.

The second branch of the fitness chain has achieved a stunning setup for its members, with plans in place to open a third facility in London over the coming months.

The gym contains two fitness suites; a velocity room for high intensity energy training and a yoga studio to host a variety of classes. Throughout these areas, power yoga, TRX, and Lift & Row sessions are hosted.

The velocity room features the newly released Crestron Vector speakers which are designed to deliver accurate audio and speech reinforcement. Using the Crestron Avia DSP, the audio is synched so the trainers can use their wireless mic systems – ideal for fitness instructors to deliver high-energy classes. The amplification is delivered by a Crestron Powersoft amplifier.

The Crestron technology helps to energise the sessions, with instructors making use of high-quality audio and signal processors to deliver crystal clear workout instructions. Wireless microphone devices link with the system to provide flexibility for the trainers, and the setup prevents instructors being restricted by the system.

“After the success of the first Core Collective, choosing to implement a Crestron solution again was an easy decision for us,” comments Shaun Wilson, director and founder at Knektd. “It was important to be able to offer the client a high-quality audio system that could adapt depending on the class – trainers, allowing them to focus on delivering a great class.”

The Yoga studio is equally equipped to provide an advanced setup, with Crestron Saros 8in Pendant speakers providing smooth audio. The slow, relaxed atmosphere of a yoga class benefits from a discreetly integrated in-ceiling pendant speaker, complemented by ambient lighting.

The system links the changing facilities to the workout spaces, which starts the Core Collective experience before the class. Integrated speakers prepare members for the session ahead and contribute to maintaining an energised atmosphere following the session.

The system is used by multiple people – instructors, gym employees and receptionists – so it is essential that all of the lighting and audio is easily adjustable for them on a single familiar and easy to use interface. With this in mind, the entire lighting and AV system can be controlled via the in-wall Crestron touchscreens. This means light and audio levels and presets can be easily managed by any employee.