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Keeping up with the neighbours: two new Beijing venues feature KME installations

The Art Deco-style Jasmine features QS 1082 driven by KME SPA 450 S amplifiers. The digital controller was programmed to customer requirements with different presets, with which programs such as background reinforcements, for live acts and speeches but also the routing for the different levels can be set. The music reproduction is made by pay-out servers but it is also a mixer Midas Venice 160 with wireless Shure microphones for example for discussion panels available.

Next door is the new club The Bank, where all the VIP rooms are equipped with fix-installed KME PS 2 systems, plasma screens and karaoke. The dance floor in the front area between DJ-pulpit and bar has been reinforced very homogeneously, while the rearward lounge area is more quiet. Due to cleverly set delays, the lounge forms a room-acoustical unit with the dance floor and enables communications.

On both the right and the left side of the DJ pulpit, six PANO QL 906 on TB 500 are flown. The subwoofers QLB 118 are set in blocks as 4 pieces in a spring suspension besides the DJ, who uses K.M.E. CLP 320 as monitors.

As front-fill, QS 1082 have been installed into the pulpit radiating on the dance floor. Below the gallery on the left and right side, QS 1082 are also installed as side-fill.

The electronics are located in an air-conditioned technique room and comprise switch-mode-power-supply amplifiers SMA 2000, the MOS-power amplifiers SPA 3200 MP, the digital controllers DAP 26 and amplifiers SPA 450 S.