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Jump to it – Omnivex at CSJT

Screens positioned in the VIP area, Champions Club lounge and the public pavilion conveyed current scores, highlights and results from already-completed events, schedule information and other messages.

Craig Collins, managing part of Caledon Equestrian Park operator Equestrian Management Group, commented: “The digital signage network will be a great addition to the equestrian park. We have some big plans and ideas in mind for the future roll-out of the system.”

“We have seen an increased number of customers from sports stadiums, as they are realising the benefits of displaying various kinds of information for fans at all types of sporting events,” said Omnivex president Jeff Collard.

Regarding Omnivex’s new product plans for the year ahead, Collard told II: “Omnivex introduced Moxie [digital signage platform] earlier this year with great interest from users and there have been several large-scale deployments this year. Omnivex has established an accelerated release schedule for new versions with added features on a quarterly basis. We will continue to roll out the system to both new and existing customers throughout the remainder or 2009 and into 2010.”