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Jands Vista in control across Europe

At the Levi Summit, systems integrator Electrosonic Lightinen specified and supplied a Jands Vistra T4 as the main console, and a Vista PC with M1 playback hardware as a secondary system. In addition, a rack of Jands FPX units were provided to handle dimming duties.

The Grand, meanwhile, now features a Jands Vista T2 console for control of the various LED, moving light and conventional fixtures. The system was provided by A.C. Entertainment Technologies (formerly known as A.C. Lighting) to a brief requesting total flexibility.

Finally, Norwegian lighting company Live Technic recently supplied a Jands Vista I3 to PA Compagniet, the main production equipment contractor for the Spot nightclub in Kristiansand. The console is being used to control the main dancefloor and adjacent stage lighting, including a pair of Robe’s new DigitalSpot 3000 DTs – the subject of a recent IE website story (read here).