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ISE 2013: Pakedge makes show debut

The manufacturer of high-end networking equipment is showcasing a full range of network solutions, including wireless access points, network switches and routers, IP power, accessories and software, and more.

Founded in 2003, Pakedge Device & Software has made its ISE debut in 2013. 

Nick Phillips, vice president of sales and marketing of Pakedge, said: “As the need for dedicated home networks has grown, so too has the demand for advanced networking products that enable professional installers to easily integrate the latest technologies within these systems. Attendees to ISE will have an opportunity to experience how our products offer networking solutions that will allow managing a network with far greater efficiency and reliability.” Pakedge’s ISE 2013 stand features a full range of network solutions in categories including wireless access points, network switches and routers, IP power, accessories and software. Attendees can also learn about Pakedge’s custom networking services, including network design, which provides integrators with solution packages to meet their specific job or application needs. 

Of particular interest is the P20E 20-port power distribution unit (pictured). Designed to provide a high level of AC power protection and comprehensive on/off power startup and shutdown capabilities, the P20E has auto-ping and equipment reboot functionality. Connect a device to a specific outlet on the P20E and provide the P20E with the IP address of the device, and the P20E will ping the device every 15 seconds. If it does not receive a response, the P20E will automatically reboot the device. This provides “self-healing” network characteristics without the interaction of the dealer.

The device features 20 AC outlets, making it ideal for use in larger-scale security installations and smart home networks. Each outlet can be individually turned on and off according to an automatically programmed startup/shutdown boot sequence, to ensure that connected devices will be safely powered up or shut down. 

Also on show is the W6 family of ultra-high-power wireless access points and the W5N2 wireless access point with dual-band radio.

Stand: 5-U115