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Intelligent video for a new normal: Jabra’s new PanaCast range

Exclusive video interview with Jabra managing director Nigel Dunn on PanaCast 50 and 20

Jabra’s intelligent video franchise is set to grow with the introduction of the new PanaCast 50 – the world’s first new-normal-ready intelligent video bar – and the PanaCast 20, a ground-breaking intelligent personal camera, both specifically engineered for flexible working in the new normal. Both devices complement the existing original PanaCast camera.



The PanaCast 50 is designed for use in small to medium sized rooms, as well as open collaboration spaces and remote education, and is optimised for all leading Unified Communications platforms, as well as being certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Jabra has engineered the PanaCast 50 around four key pillars: audio, video, intelligence, and safety. By combining these four pillars together in one unit, the company is able to deliver a meeting experience that’s been completely reinvented from the ground up, putting safe, socially distanced meetings back on the table, enabling seamless, premium collaboration, and providing IT Managers with actionable insights on safety and room usage.

Personal camera
PanaCast 20 is more than just a webcam; it could perhaps be considered the reinvention of the personal camera. The ability to collaborate effectively via video relies on being seen clearly, and for a portable solution, this means being seen clearly in many different environments and lighting situations. The PanaCast 20 is an outstanding solution to these challenges, boasting 4K Ultra HD, HDR video.

In addition, personalised Intelligent Zoom AI functionality frames the user perfectly for the far end, regardless of their environment. And it also boasts automatic lighting correction, so whatever the time of day, or the situation in which they’re collaborating, they can be clearly seen. These technologies combined take video collaboration to a whole new level of quality and definition.

Next generation
AI also allows Jabra to deliver next-generation collaboration experiences that enable more productive meetings. Innovatively powered by two concurrent video streams, Jabra’s Picture in Picture feature enables users to define and easily integrate a second video stream within their main picture, to visually improve their presentations in a powerful way. This empowers users to present information – perhaps a whiteboard, a document, a separate device or demo, an educational show and tell, or even an experiment – in a uniquely clear way.

New normal
These two new offerings enable Jabra to offer a range of solutions, completely reinvented for the challenges of the new normal. The Covid pandemic has led to explosive growth in video usage, and now, for the first time, Jabra’s extended PanaCast range offers companies and individuals solutions that have been specifically engineered for the challenges and opportunities working in the new normal.