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Innovason desks for Atlanta church

Specifically, the consoles are two 104-input/48-bus Sy80s for FOH and monitor duties, with a 72-input/40-bus Sy48 handling recording and broadcast responsibilities. The Sy48 is configured to handle multi-track recording over EtherSound, while the Sy80 at FOH benefits from Innovason’s new universal output modules and the new internal effects card. The monitor console, meanwhile, is also equipped with a DioAV Aviom interface card for direct connectivity to two discrete 16-channel A-Net networks. In addition, both Sy80s come with a local Mix Rack, with a separate DioCore stagebox taking the 58 stage inputs and transmitting them directly across the network to all consoles.

Reliability, functionality, recording ability and pricing were all factors that informed the purchase of the Innovason consoles. “Innovason gave us everything we were looking for, and some more besides,” said the church’s technical director, David Patrick, pictured here between production engineers Carlos Love and Greg Butler. “We wanted a system that could bring us up to date with where the industry was going in terms of networked digital audio and Innovason was ahead of the game as far as I could tell, and yet only half the price of some of the other solutions available. Innovason has a great concept going and I look forward to support them in the future and hope that they continue to innovate and bring new concepts to the audio industry.”