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InfoComm MEA 2012: Lightware presents Modex modular transmitters and receivers

Lightware is presenting the Modex family of transmitters and receivers InfoComm MEA 2012. The range extends numerous signal types over a single fiber CAT5/6/7 cable.

Lightware Visual Engineering is presenting its family of Modex (Modular Extender) modular transmitters and receivers at InfoComm MEA 2012. The range extends signals – including digital and analog video and audio, USB KVM, Ethernet and control transmissions – over a single fiber or CAT5/6/7 cable. 
 The system supports more than 5000 extender variations, 3D and 4K video resolution, and is said to be the fastest modular extender family supporting the AV and Broadcast industry’s formats.
 Customising a Modex involves four steps: Step one, choosing a fibre or CATx media core; Step two involves selecting one video and audio module; Step three, select two interface modules; Step four, the Modex is ready to use.
 The half unit Modex allows one video and audio module and two interface modules. The extender’s front panel has an additional 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port and USB KVM connectors. Keyboard and mouse functions are emulated by the extender and no USB enumeration occurs while operator switching. In addition a computer is not aware when a keyboard or mouse has been changed.
 Various video formats are supported: video can be Display Port 1.1, HDMI 1.4 with 3D, Dual-Link DVI, SDI, 3G-SDI. No matter what kind of video format is required, pixels will be extended by Modex. The video format conversion is automatic if the two ends have different modules. The video & audio modules are also capable of transmitting audio. The source may be external S/PDIF, RCA, XLR or the embedded sound present in different video signals. Embedding and extracting audio or transmitting in both directions simultaneously is also supported. Lightware’s innovative Modex architecture also allows each transmitter and receiver to support a wide variety of auxiliary signal types through the interface modules. All auxiliary signal types can be simultaneously transmitted at full bandwidth over fiber or twisted pair reducing the need for additional extenders and cabling. Both Modex core modules have auxiliary interface slots, which can be any control signal, audio or Ethernet.