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InfoComm 2015: Biamp unveils Oreno conference room solution

Biamp Systems has unveiled its Oreno suite at InfoComm, comprised of the Oreno Creator, Oreno Manager and the Oreno User Interface.

Biamp Systems has unveiled its Oreno platform at InfoComm, comprised of three core components, Oreno Creator, Oreno Manager and the Oreno User Interface. The Oreno Suite is specifically for conferencing environments providing deployment simplicity and control of any Biamp Tesira-equipped conference room via mobile devices.

“End users are very comfortable using their personal mobile devices and have come to expect the same familiar user experience in the workplace,” said Chris Fitzsimmons, product manager, Biamp Systems. “Oreno is a natural response from Biamp to this trend, extending control for audio conferencing to handheld devices. Within an elegant, easy-to-use interface, Oreno lets users interact with Biamp solutions from the palms of their hands, while providing integrators with an entirely new way to provide control of conferencing systems.”

Ideal for standalone or multi-room conference settings using Tesira or TesiraFORTÉ, the Oreno suite allows participants to lock access to specific conference rooms during a meeting, place calls, and recall pre-sets from Web-enabled devices.

To expedite the creation of the user interface, the Oreno Creator tool provides a simple UI builder, which uses drag-and-drop tools and pre-built templates. This allows for end user customisation, while eliminating the need for complex programming. The Oreno Manager allows control to be passed to the end user. Deployed onsite on a Windows PC or virtual machine, Oreno Manager provides systems administration tools and network management capabilities. Running in the browser of Web-enabled devices, the Oreno UI provides complete mobile control of a room’s audio functions without the need for any software to be installed on the user’s personal device.

Biamp worked with Blink UX, a leading User Experience Research and Design Firm, to help Biamp design and test the user experience and UI for Oreno.

“Biamp’s up-front investment in developing an interface delivers an experience that’s easy to use for end users and easy to install for integrators,” commented Frost & Sullivan’s industry principal Rob Arnold. With regard to Biamp’s commitment to bringing innovative products to market, Arnold added, “Biamp’s partnership with Blink UX is how an industry leader introduces a new product: test what will be introduced to ensure it performs exactly as expected.”

The Oreno suite is being showcased in Biamp’s booth 743 at InfoComm 2015, and will be available in fall 2015.