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In the zone: Barix devices installed at Portuguese mall

The complete Barix Audio over IP solution allows operators to address multiple zones in the complex, including dozens of restaurants, a bowling alley, a health club, a cinema and an amusement area.

The Barix specification includes Instreamer 100 encoding and Exstreamer 100 decoding devices for voice and audio distribution, along with Barionet and IO12 devices for control and system monitoring. The entire system is controlled using Acutron software for signal distribution to any zone from the central server and local operator terminals.

“We were required to design and install a system that does not require a great deal of cabling and infrastructure inside the building,” commented Antonio J de Oliveira, co-founder and head engineer of Acutron Electroacustica. “Using limited network connections, the Acutron team established IP links to several operator terminals, each of which communicate with a certain number of Barix Exstreamers. We then connected more than 30 Exstreamers and their associated amplifiers back to a central technical room. The Acutron software and Barix hardware together act as a distributed switcher, routing live pages from a microphone or audio programs from a Barix Instreamer to single or multiple zones.”

Acutron uses several audio sources for distribution across the network, including Barix Instreamers to encode audio from CD players into MP3, and Internet audio sources such as Barix’s own online radio station, Barix Radio (second link below). Barix Exstreamers decode the audio for local playback over loudspeakers at each zone.

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