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iDR handles AV at Italian boutique hotel

The new four-star hotel has 70 hotel rooms, a large dividable conference room, a lounge bar, and the Konvivio restaurant and pizzeria. Adjacent to this complex is the original facility – established two years ago – containing two nightclubs, the larger of which already has an iDR system installed to manage audio distribution around the venue.

An iDR-8 digital mixing processor is installed in the large conference room, which has a series of wall separators, allowing the room to be split into six parts. iDR manages sources including three gooseneck mics and two radio mics for presenters, a connection for a PC or laptop, as well as a video conference system comprising a projector, DVD recorder, and cameras. A PL-10 eight-channel rotary mix controller has been installed in the conference suite to provide remote control of audio in all areas during a live situation.

“The iDR system was chosen primarily to satisfy the requirements of the multifunctional conference room, which contains moving wall dividers rather than fixed subdivisions, presenting us with multiple configuration options,” explained system programmer Lino Emiliani from DAVE PRO, which supplied all of the AV equipment. “However, this has been possible thanks to the iDR’s crosspoint matrix and preset management sections, which are irreplaceable functions in an application of this complexity.”

The hotel has a second iDR unit to manage audio in the hotel areas, including the halls, reception, lounge bar, pizzeria and restaurant.

This iDR system manages a CD player and ID-AL MP3 music server. The two iDR units are networked together for paging and sharing music from the ID-AL server between the hotel and the conference areas.

Another PL-10 controller is installed in the hotel reception area to provide hotel staff with access to volume levels and sources. Further remote control is provided in the lounge bar, where a PL-4 wall plate and handheld remote PL-5 are provided for bar staff.