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Harris provides InfoCaster for Emirates cable car DOOH application

Emirates Air Line is the UK’s first urban cable car in London’s docklands, and Harris's InfoCaster is driving its digital signage.

Passengers using the Emirates Air Line, the UK’s first urban cable car in London’s docklands, are being kept informed and entertained thanks to Harris Digital Out-of-Home technology. Working with The Pioneer Group, Harris Digital Out-of-Home has installed its InfoCaster Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) turnkey solution made of the InfoCaster software and hardware suite within a digital signage network made up of six video-walls and 78 screens, which broadcasts a rich blend of promotional content for passengers crossing the Thames using this unique form of British urban transport.

The screens are from Samsung, as previously reported by Installation.

The Emirates Air Line’s content creation and distribution architecture is based on three Harris InfoCaster components: InfoCaster Creation enables content creation and scheduling, while InfoCaster Manager provides central management and monitoring of the network. InfoCaster Player controls content play-out over the entire system architecture. All of the Harris InfoCaster software operates using InfoCaster hardware.

Using InfoCaster, the scheme’s operators can display a range of video content on the various large screen displays within the Emirates Air Line terminals in both Greenwich and Newham. According to Harris, a major driver in the decision to select the company’s InfoCaster for this prestigious project is the high quality output, ability to drive a video wall at its native resolution, display control features, management capabilities and reliability. InfoCaster is able to display both images and videos in the video wall’s native resolution without any need to scale or use additional video processors.

“At a time when a great deal of investment is being made in London this is a really eye-catching and arresting project – the stunning moving image quality on such large screens that we are able to create using Harris InfoCaster is tremendous,” said Paul Childerhouse, managing director at The Pioneer Group. “Alongside its technical capabilities, Harris’ willingness to support the installation with its team of engineers, to help make sure that the system is doing exactly what we want and need has helped create a fantastic end result.”

Harris believes that this installation has created a new standard in transport information and entertainment systems. “Passengers are treated to 360 degree panoramic views of London when they use the Emirates Air Line, so it’s appropriate that the stunning images start before they step aboard the cabins,” said Denise MacDonell, director and general manager for Digital Out-of-Home, Harris Broadcast Communications. “With this installation, Harris has cemented its reputation as a leading digital signage technology supplier to the transport and tourist industries.”