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Harman shines a light at South Korean cultural venue

Hansam System deploys high-performance Martin lighting fixtures at South Korea’s Gimje Cultural and Art Centre for lighting effects during live performances and exhibitions

Hansam System recently equipped the Gimje Cultural and Art Centre with Martin by Harman lighting fixtures to deliver dynamic lighting displays for events and performances.

Founded in 2009, the Gimje Cultural and Art Centre is South Korea’s premier event space for plays, operas, musicals, exhibitions and more. Home to a 488-seat grand performance hall, a smaller 230-seat performance hall and various exhibition halls, the Gimje Cultural and Art Centre hosts prominent performances and events such as ‘The Sound of Jazz Concert’, ‘Korean Rock Music Concert’ and ‘Gala Les Miserables Concert’.

In order to create brighter, more balanced lighting displays, the Gimje Cultural and Art Centre recently hired Hansam System to upgrade their existing system with a cutting-edge lighting solution. After assessing the needs of the venue, Hansam System selected Martin by Harman ELP Series fixtures for their superior output and vivid colour rendering.

“The theatre needed a custom lighting solution that was more compact and powerful than their existing setup,” said Sehoon Park, sales manager, Hansam System. “The old fixtures were halogen lamps and the client wanted to replace them with new LED lighting units that could deliver better performance. Martin ELP LED lighting units were the perfect choice with their powerful performance and cost savings. We had a little trouble fitting them into the existing installation space, but we used a bracket to raise the existing batten fixtures, which provided enough room for the new fixture’s operation.”

Hansam System equipped the performance hall and projection room with cutting-edge Martin ELP-WW warm white and ELP-CL full colour LED ellipsoidal fixtures, which deliver class-leading luminance and unparalleled ease of use. Equipped with 19° beam angle tube lenses, the ELP fixtures provide tight, punchy beams for creating dazzling lighting displays.

“The Gimje Cultural and Art Centre is the only theatre in the city, so we wanted to deliver the best possible lighting solutions to ensure the perfect viewing experience for every event, ” said Gyeongwon Kim, lighting director, Gimje Cultural and Art Centre. “We are highly satisfied with the solutions provided by Harman and Hansam System, especially the ELP-WW units, and would like to acknowledge the innovative measures taken to integrate the larger ELP-CL units in the projection room as well.”

“Venues that host a diverse range of events like the Gimje Cultural and Art Centre require lighting solutions that can bring out the true visual experience for the audience,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank our partner Haman Systems for delivering and designing a robust solution that is sure to elevate the cultural experiences on the show.”