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Family snapshot: Audica specified by London’s Photographers Gallery

The gallery is committed to heightening awareness and promoting photography, presenting developments in the medium to a wide audience. Exhibition programmes represent the specific areas of advertising, fashion and editorial photography, incorporating both commercial and personal work, and producing high-quality exhibitions of established and upcoming photographers.

The gallery has a clean, modern design that incorporates many of the original buildings features and style was a key factor in the choice of the audio system. Paul King, a director of the Association, was instrumental in the selection, which started with his direct contact with Audica Professional and its UK distributor, CUK Audio.

Alan Lochhead of CUK recommended Egham-based Marquee Installations to design and install the system and coordinated an on-site demonstration to Paul King and his colleagues. “Although Paul was very taken by the design of Audica’s products, we still needed to demonstrate their audio quality for background music and presentation work within the gallery,” says Lochhead. “The demonstration confirmed that the product’s audio performance matched its looks, and the project commenced.”

Marquee Installations’ design incorporated the Audica MICROzone’s ability to operate independently for each level or as a single system covering the whole gallery when required. Each of the two MICROzones installed also have RIR remote IR receivers fitted so that although the units are sited together, all functions can be operated separately from within each of the ground level or first floor zones. Audica MICROline loudspeakers were chosen and their wide, well balanced dispersion gives complete coverage with just seven units used for both levels of the gallery. The system is completed with a single MICROsub, which adds the low frequency to give the system real high fidelity music quality at all sound levels.

In addition to the systems use for background music, Marquee also supplied a Shure radio microphone system for presentations and lectures from any location within the gallery.

Lochhead concludes: “We are really pleased with this installation as it matched Audica’s core features perfectly to the requirements of the client – style, audio quality and system flexibility.”