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Eaton lights the way at Edinburgh’s International Conference Centre

Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety division has provided fully dimmable, energy-efficient lighting for the extension to Edinburgh’s iconic International Conference Centre.

Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety division has provided fully dimmable, energy-efficient lighting for the extension to Edinburgh’s iconic International Conference Centre. The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) recently opened its impressive new events space which features the latest state-of-the-art technologies so it can be easily reconfigured into many different set-ups. Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety has provided energy efficient lighting for the extension to the iconic building, including a custom-built solution for mains lighting, emergency lighting and a central battery unit to run the building’s entire emergency lighting system. The £30 million, three-year Lennox Suite project involved the creation of an additional 2,000 square metres of subterranean function space featuring a multi-purpose hall served by a moving floor system. In addition, there are a number of breakout rooms, performance space, a café and an atrium with dramatic lighting effects. The EICC had two key demands from the lighting. First, it had to be energy efficient and second, it had to be discreet and dimmable to 0% to avoid interference with the performing artists. “Sustainability is important to us and maximizing our energy efficiency was vital,” says Hans Rissmann, chief executive at the EICC. “Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety system was chosen as it presented the most energy-efficient solution, while at the same time being able to meet our specific need for dimmable lighting.” “From the outset there was a challenge set by the EICC, who were unsure if it would be possible to dim LED lighting in the same way as can be done with halogen luminaires,” says Paul Gregory, specification sales director at Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety. “Our lighting experts worked closely with the team from the EICC to fully understand their requirements and designed a bespoke solution which is a real first for the lighting and control industry, something unmatched by any other organisation.” A dimming protocol was written in DMX 512 universe to dim the LED linearly in infinitesimal degrees, which ensured that the stages of dimming were unnoticeable to the human eye. The result was an impressive smooth dimming down to zero. In the multi-purpose hall, Cooper Lighting and Safety provided customised Litex LED in black – this allowed for the fixtures to be concealed behind the black mesh ceiling covering. The company also provided RGB colour changing FS3 surface-mounted LEDs in the bathrooms. This is a flexible linear strip populated with a series of surface-mounted LEDs. IP-rated versions are used under the sinks around the skirting and in the coving. The FS3 allows the lighting colours to be changed to reflect the event or branding of the sponsor or promoter. In Platform 5 Café’s kitchen, Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety modified its Moduseal IP65 luminaire to fit in the EICC’s ceiling grid, while throughout the site special brackets were fabricated to other fittings to facilitate easy maintenance and were needed due to the building’s alu-grid ceiling.

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