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d&b goes back to school

The school is networked through an Apple Mac server system, linking all rooms to the resources of the recording studios and other facilities on the campus. All the performance areas and rehearsal rooms are equipped with d&b loudspeaker systems and there is a selection of modern digital desks for control.

European Performers House has three stages, the largest being the Workshop Stage, which is equipped with a folding partition. The loudspeakers used are d&b MAX cabinets, which can work either as a PA system or for monitors. Driven from digital E-PAC amplifiers, the loudspeakers can be reconfigured by the students to varied environments without losing audio quality.

For presentations in the Dance Studio, the school has secured rental PA services from nearby providers that offer systems of C7s and C4s. The school has also invested further by purchasing M4 monitors – wedge cabinets suited to work with PA systems.

Even though it’s still early days for European Performers House, the Danish architectural firm that designed the building, schmidt hammer lassen, was awarded Highly Commended status in the Mixed Use awards category at MIPIM 2007, a global real estate fair that took place in Cannes, France during March.