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Crestron in control at stunning Surrey home

Tucked away beyond Surrey woodlands is a beautiful residential property that demonstrates how technology and interior design complement each other to create the perfect living environment

Tucked away beyond Surrey woodlands is a beautiful residential property that demonstrates how technology and interior design complement each other to create the perfect living environment. This newly-renovated home demonstrates how Crestron systems seamlessly tie the home technology together, while providing lifestyle benefits to the homeowner.

Renowned interior designer Louise Bradley was tasked with transforming the space. Bradley worked in tandem with award-winning custom installation company, ClearSphere, to create a modern design with an impressive array of Crestron technology.

The home’s audiovisual systems, lighting and blinds are all part of the comprehensive Crestron system. Control is user-friendly and intuitive via TSW touch screens, MLX-3 remotes and iPad. “We specialise in Crestron integration because we know that whatever control needs our clients have, Crestron can accommodate them,” said Alistair Ingram, director of ClearSphere. “Two thirds of our clientele are Crestron users and this number is growing. Crestron products are also stylish in appearance so they don’t overpower the design scheme, which is a key consideration when working with a top interior designer such as Louise Bradley.”

The Crestron centralised lighting control operates the lighting for the entire property with 132 light circuits and 45 CNX keypads, all connected to the one system. The lights can be controlled from the keypads or remotely using the Crestron app installed on the customer’s smart phone and tablet. This feature allows for the creation of custom commands such as a “holiday” setting, which manages the lighting to create the appearance of the home being occupied whilst the owner is away. Crestron low-energy LED light fixtures provide energy efficiency across the property.

Crestron’s lighting systems give designers such as Louise Bradley a wide scope of lighting and room design possibilities, and enable effects such as wall washing or balancing natural and artificial light. With the option of four lighting pre-sets per room, any design can be created and then adjusted through the touch screen.

The home also has the added value of a full Crestron building management system. It features 24 floor heating and radiator zones, which are controlled via the Crestron system, allowing for personal preference settings to be set for each room and space. The air conditioning similarly integrates with the Crestron system for full control of the 12 air conditioning zones, while the bathroom fans can also be switched on and off via the system. The heating and air conditioning work together to ensure the home is kept at the optimal temperature for comfortable living, while ensuring energy consumption is minimised.

An additional design feature in the home is the state-of-the-art cinema room. The entire home cinema system is controlled by an easy-to-use MLX-3 remote. The hidden DigitalMedia 8X8 matrix switcher in the cinema room supplies video to six televisions and the cinema system, allowing for connection to two Kaleidescape movie players and disk vaults, two Sky Boxes, Blu-Ray player and two Apple TVs. A DigitalMedia feed is also sent to the Crestron system, allowing video sources to play on the touch screens. This allows the homeowner to browse and preview channels via the touch screens before deciding which channel to send to the TV.

The home also includes a state-of-the-art Crestron Sonnex multi-room audio system that allows 16 zones around the home to play a range of sources, including Apple AirPorts for playing music direct from Apple devices, a media server and FM/DAB radio. Amplification in the house is via two amps, paired with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The family enjoy entertaining, opting to have a bespoke DJ setting added to their system, meaning that in any room, decks can be linked to the system and played throughout the entire house.

Integrated access controls allow for the family to view the entry system from all touch screens and connected smart devices, with full two-way audio and video communication and control of the front door lock and vehicle gates. This is also combined with an extensive CCTV system. An integrated intruder alarm allows the alarm to be monitored and set via the Crestron system.